What is it?

No ifs ands or buts the benchmark huge extravagance cantina, the one Audi, BMW, Lexus, Cadillac and even Jaguar and Maserati must characterize themselves by and be measured against. This auto characterizes the segment and is the one all others attempt to topple. Also, neglect to.

Energetic execution and dealing with are de-underscored this time – it’s about solace, security and driver help. There are two wheelbases, the long one offering dumbfounding secondary lounge comfort. Powertrains incorporate ordinary V6 diesel and V8 turbo petroleum, and half breeds in both four-chamber diesel and V6 oil frames. The body utilizes a considerable measure of aluminum to pare weight underneath the last one.


How is it out and about?

This is not a connecting with drive. It’s tied in with astonishing quietness and ride suppleness. The diesel V6 is superbly fit for getting along intelligently, and the versatile dampers secure it where required. However, the guiding has no vibe – its trademark is huge directional soundness at high speeds. The V8’s completely dynamic suspension is ordinarily considerably milder yet has a selectable mode that will erase roll and understeer.

Alternatives incorporate cameras and radars so your S-Class will take after the auto ahead and see lines out and about, naturally quickening, braking and notwithstanding controlling, however it objects with flashes and bongs in the event that you grasp your hands off the wheel past a couple of moments. It’s long-travel driver bolster, not self-ruling self-driving.


Format, complete and space

The dash’s two gigantic instrument and show screens are all lucidity and rationale. They’re set in flawlessly worked cowhide, wood and metal. Most ergonomics are simply so. We can’t think about a comfier inside, front or back. The LWB variant can be specced with raise situates that back rub, warmth, vent and lean back most of the way to level, with air ship like leg-rests.

Raise diversion is exceptionally far reaching and legroom simply huge. The V8’s dynamic suspension has an alternative that utilizations binocular vision to see hindrances and lift each wheel as they go underneath. The outcome is close wonderful.


Running expenses and unwavering quality

S-Classes have dependably been about the most secure autos of their periods; no change there at that point. It’s greater than earlier (observe tight auto parks), yet the styling is genuinely unobtrusive so it shouldn’t make you abhorred. The V8 is unadulterated liberality so overlook the expenses. The V6 diesel gives lowish devaluation in case you’re cautious with alternatives, and is exceptionally niggardly: 6.8 sec to 62mph yet CO2 of only 146g/km; 51mpg out of an auto of this class is astonishing. The half breed diesel makes a surprising trade off of 7.6sec and 115g/km, yet do you truly need a four-chamber diesel in your S-Class? If not, attempt the module cross breed, the world’s initial 100mpg limo. On paper, if not by and by, but rather think about the corporate brownie focuses you’ll get for beating the reps.


Last considerations and pick of the range

Mercedes tosses all that it knows into the new S-Class. The outcomes are completely astonishing

Our decision from the range

Mercedes Benz S550
Mercedes Benz S550

This is the one we’d pick…



It’s Not Just For Looks

What goes in must go out. This means that your engine, which is like a huge vacuum pump, sucks in air and fuel. An engine like the one in your car has four strokes: Intake, compression, combustion and exhaust. Once the air and fuel are pulled into the engine (intake), the piston comes up to compress the mixture to make it more volatile (compression). The spark plug fires and causes an explosion in the cylinder (combustion). However, not all of the fuel and air is used. This leftover mixture must make its way out of the engine to make room for a new wave to start. This is the exhaust stroke – the leftover gas and air are forced out of the cylinder through the exhaust valves, into the exhaust manifold and out through the exhaust system.


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