Mercedes Benz G550 AMG V8 biturbo 

One of my favourite German car products is the Mercedes Benz.
Here we have one of the Legendary G-Class Family, the G550, which has an engine capacity of 4.0L V8 biturbo. A 416hp german machine. The 416hp 4.0L biturbo V8 engine is very responsive making 100%  of its 450lb-ft of peak torque available from 2250rpm to 4750rpm. It reaches a speed of 60km/hr from rest at 5.9seconds and has an instant response at any speed.
Its engine uses a direct injection and multispark system. Its piezoelectric fuel injectors spray fuel directly into each cylinder with very precise metering and incredible on and off switching speed.
Its off road ability is amazing. It can climb up to 38o inclination and can also reach a tilt of 28.4o sideways. Its suspension is engineered for very rugged conditions. It has a rigid front and rear axles, coil spring, gas pressurized shock absorbers with approximately 8inches of wheel travel.
The G550 has a 7-speed transmission system.
The interior design of the G550 is done mostly by hand. Its Nappa leather covered seats gives the interior a beautiful look. It also has its front seats fixed with heaters. The polished wood and chrome accents gives its interior design a beautiful finish.
It has as one of its amazing features a driver-assistance rear view camera which activates when you shift into reverse.
Its costs $122,440 ( a whooping approximate of 50 Million ‘Recession’ Naira).


Author: autoreviewsng

Reviews about cars for car enthusiasts and also prospective car owners

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